Available Print Types

This is the original painting/drawing by the artist. Acrylic paintings are done on canvas or gesso board. Prismacolor drawings are done on four-ply acid-free museum board.
Purchase of an original painting or drawing constitutes ownership by the purchaser. The copyright is retained by the artist, with a signed document of explanation provided to the purchaser. The purchaser or owner of the original work may not reproduce the painting/drawing for any purpose.
By retaining ownership of the copyright, the artist may publish limited edition prints or giclee on canvas prints of the painting as well as use the work in any advertising, etc.
The ownership of the original comes with the knowledge that the original becomes more valuable when limited edition prints are made. If limited edition prints sell out, the value of the original is greatly increased. Any references to the purchased original work will be noted as "Sold" or noted as "In the private collection of..." if purchaser agrees to the use of their name.
Limited Edition
Limited Edition prints are printed on acid-free heavy bond paper with acid-free inks. The edition size is determined by either the artist or the publisher. When the edition size is reached, the artist destroys the plates and then signs & numbers each print. With the purchase of a limited edition print, the artist includes a certificate of authenticity with the number of the print.
Artist's Proofs
These are the prints the artist pulls from the printer at random intervals during the full run to compare to the original for color and quality. These prints are looked over by the artist and signed. If the accuracy is maintained, the full run is continued to completion.
Collector's Edition
A small percentage of prints selected by the artist are set aside for the collector's edition. These prints are sold to collectors that purchase frequently and, on request, have the same numbered print for each work. A purchaser can request to be on the collector's edition list and will be notified when a painting is going to print. Each print is then signed and numbered on a special seal in the border of the print.
Giclée Prints on Canvas
A Giclée (zhee-klay) fine art print refers to a machine-made reproduction using the latest and most sophisticated technology. The word Giclée comes from the French verb "Giclér," meaning to spray or squirt. The original image is digitally scanned, and then generated onto canvas with archival quality inks at a very high rate of speed. This renders an amazingly smooth, consistent image true to the original painting, making it a superb quality fine art reproduction.
The Giclée is quickly becoming the new standard in the art industry and is widely known for its astonishing quality by major museums, galleries, publishers and artists. Simply stated, the Giclée print is the closest replication of the original artwork that is currently possible.
Conservation Edition
Conservation prints are listed as TBD (to be determined), because they are printed specifically for wildlife/habitat organizations, zoos and other conservation groups to help raise funds for their organizations. The edition size will be determined by the artist, the publisher and the organization based on a quantity that best suits the needs of the organization.
Art of Nature and the artists are dedicated to this cause and therefore, put special efforts into this edition for conservation purposes and goals.



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